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TLKR T41 Walkie Talkie Consumer Radio (Green) (For export only) - Walkie Talkies and Phone


TLKR T41 Walkie Talkie Consumer Radio (Green) (For export only)


 PMR446 radios – license free
• Up to 4km range (subject to terrain and conditions)
• Free Calls
• 8 Channels
• Scan/Monitor
• 1 call tone
• Belt-Clip and Carrying Loop
• Blue, orange, pink and green models available

• LCD display
• Keypad lock
• Battery level indicator
• Blue and orange models available
• 500mW Transmit

• 1 Call Tone
• Keypad tones
• Talk Confirmation Tone / Roger Beep


Simple, compact and easy-to-use by all the family, when shopping, on the beach, or just playing in the park, the TLKR T41 is the perfect way to stay in touch when out and about.

The T41 walkie talkie is license free and includes key features such as LCD display, 8 channels and up to 4 km range, with no call charges.

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