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Remington Colour Cut Hair Clipper - Personal Grooming


Remington Colour Cut Hair Clipper

$39.90 $59.00
  • Enhanced steel self sharpening blades
  • Nine colour combs for easy grade selecetion
  • Comfort tip blades
  • Taper lever (0.5-2 mm)
  • Includes cleaning brush, neck brush, scissors and styling comb
Hair clipping just got a whole lot easier
Hair clipping just got a whole lot easier and much more fun with the Remington ColourCut. With this ingenious clipper theres no longer a chance of getting your length blades confused youll be guaranteed the perfect length every time. Each guard is colour coded to make it straightforward to select your desired length. In fact, this smart hair cutting kit has everything you need to cut the familys hair in the comfort of your own home, effortlessly and with complete confidence.

A little bit of colour goes a long way
As well as a high quality hair clipper, the kit includes nine colour combs ranging from 0.5 2mm. So whatever length you want to go for or look you want to achieve, simply select the right colour for you and off you go. Gone are the days of comb length confusion and spending time finding the right length amongst an assortment of almost identical black combs. If you always opt for a certain grade or length, then all you have to do simply remember your colour for next time!

Minimal fuss, just simple styling
The Remington ColourCut is the ideal kit for at home hair clipping. Included in the box is a cleaning brush to ensure any unwanted hair is removed before the next use. Plus scissors and a comb make up the kit to trim any longer hair lengths before clipping and grading. Its fun for children too, as they learn to select their comb from the variety of bright colour combs.

This superior quality hair clipper delivers an outstanding cutting performance every time with advanced, self-sharpening steel blades. And for convenient cleaning, the blade system is easily removable to help wash away any dirt and hair clippings so its always ready for the next cut.

And once youre finished, a neck brush gives you that final clean and finishing touch before leaving the barbers chair.

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