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Panasonic KX-TG6821EB Single DECT Cordless Telephone with Answer Machine - Walkie Talkies and Phone


Panasonic KX-TG6821EB Single DECT Cordless Telephone with Answer Machine

30 Minute answer machine with message counter on base
  • Caller ID with Incoming call barring & Night mode
  • Noise reduction Key
  • 120 Name and number phonebook
  • 15Hrs Talktime & 170Hrs Standby time
  • Panasonic KX-TG6821EB DECT Cordless Telephone with Answer Machine, Large White LCD and Elegant Design
    Panasonic introduces the KX-TG68 family. This stylish two-tone design DECT phone with answer machine has an easy to use handset with a 1.8" white back-light screen, and Panasonic's noise reduction function. A hands-free speaker phone function is also included on this model that offers 15 hours talk time, up to 170 hours standby time and up to 120 phone book entries. This model also comes with the option of a handy "key finder" accessory that can be purchased separately.

    Smart Look and Design
    The Panasonic 682 series includes the following design features to enhance its looks and help ease of use - The large 1.8-inch white backlit screen and simple menu let you access functions and numbers quickly and easily. Illuminated Keypad - When you press any button the main keys become illuminated so you can easily see them, even in the dark.

    120 Name and Number Phonebook
    Up to 120 names and phone numbers can be entered and stored. The phonebook allows you to make calls without having to dial manually. You simply search for the name and select the number you want to dial.

    Automatic Name and Number Sharing
    There's no longer any need to programme all your handsets individually, because you can automatically access your phones' stored address book from any other registered handset in the house.

    Call Barring
    Did you know there is no need to put up with nuisance calls? This phone has a call barring feature that will reject calls from specified phone numbers that you don't want to answer. It requires a subscription to a Caller ID service, but once subscribed you can choose which numbers to block. You can even bar outgoing numbers such as premium rate numbers from being dialled.

    Caller ID
    When an outside call is being received, the caller information is displayed. Caller information for the last 50 callers is logged in the caller list from the most recent call to the oldest. *This requires a caller ID subscription. Contact your service provider/telephone company for details.

    Night Mode
    Off to bed or need to put the baby to sleep? Now it's simple to set times when you don't want the phone to ring so you won't get disturbed. With Night Mode activated the ringer is switched off and the handset will flash silently when there is an incoming call.

    30 Minutes Answer Machine with Advanced Functionality
    The base station includes a built-in telephone answering machine that automatically answers and takes a message from the caller when you cannot answer the call yourself. A maximum of 30 minutes of messages can be recorded. Message Counter: Voicemail messages can pile up while you're away. Having to operate the handset just to see how many messages you have is bothersome. The handy counter is located on the base unit and makes it easy to see how many messages you have at a glance when you return home. Advanced Function: You never need to miss a message whether you are at home or out of the house. When a new message is recorded by the answering machine, the base unit alerts people in the house with a sound. It can also send an audible message to a pre-registered mobile phone or other land line.

    Hands-free Speakerphone Function
    If you want other people in the room to join in your conversation or you want to use the phone without holding it to your ear, no problem, just press the "speakerphone" button.

    'Clear Sound' Technology
    A High-precision error correction system ensures clear conversation with less sound glitches, allowing you to enjoy a smooth, interference free conversation even when you're far away from the base unit.

    Talk Time and Battery Life
    15 Hours Talk-Time - One full charge of the battery will provide about 15 hours of talking time before the battery will need re-charging.

    170 Hours Standby Time - When the handset is not being used but left off the base station, the charge will be retained for up to 170 hours before requiring a recharge.

    Noise Reduction Key
    When you are trying to make a call in a noisy environment, press the "Noise Reduction" (NR) key and the surrounding noise will be reduced by up to 75%.

    Smart Function Key
    The Smart Function Key on the handset flashes according to the situation when there is an incoming call or a message has been left. Pressing the button, for instance, automatically takes you to your missed calls and messages.

    Advanced Alarm Clock
    If you like to keep your phone in the bedroom there is no need for a separate alarm clock. The Panasonic alarm function lets you set a different wake-up time for each day of the week, and the Snooze function sounds the alarm every 5 minutes.

    Handset Locator Function
    Can't find or remember where you left the handset? No problem, just press the locator button on the base station and the handset will ring.

    One Touch Eco Mode Button
    One touch Eco modes let you lower the power consumption by one touch pressing the eco button on the handset. In eco mode, the signal output is reduced by 90%*.
    * Compared to the normal mode

    Key Finder Optional Accessory
    The KX-TGA20 is an optional key fob that can be attached to your keys or other regularly lost items, enabling you to use your phone to locate them. The key finder can be detected up to 200 metres from the phone and a loud beep is produced when the finder button is pressed on the handset. Up to 4 key finders can be programmed in to the handset.

    Expandable - up to Six Handsets
    For large houses or large families you can add additional handsets. Up to six handsets (available to purchase separately) can be paired to the master base unit allowing every family member to have their own handset or allowing handsets to be placed conveniently around the home in different rooms.

    Box Contains
    1 x Handset
    1 x Base unit
    1 x Battery
    1 x Power supply

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