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Panasonic ES-WR40 Mobile Body Hair Trimmer - Personal Grooming


Panasonic ES-WR40 Mobile Body Hair Trimmer

$35.90 $49.00

Panasonic, a brand synonymous with quality and durability, is pleased to announce a new addition to its beauty care product range. The ES-WR40 wet/dry mobile body hair trimmer is an ideal travelling companion - quiet, discreet, and stylish, yet still offering the high shaving performance you would expect from Panasonic.

For your convenience the ES-WR40 can be used wet or dry, so whether you're having a leisurely bath or are short on time and need a quick shave, Panasonic ensures you are fully catered for.

These extra-thin, highly efficient blades shave hairs directly from their roots. Designed with users in mind, Panasonic has focused on providing the same level of high smoothness as a safety razor achieves.

Cleverly designed, the blades rotate around to the traditional T-shape for easy shaving but can be moved to an I-shape to reach different areas easier. For effortless storage the blades sit in the I-shape, streamlining the product, and a pink colour co-coordinating cap fits neatly on top.

Slim and streamlined, a mere 16cm in length, the ES-WR40 will easily fit into any bag, and thanks to the stylish lid the blades will not come into contact with anything inside the bag, ensuring they remain clean and hygienic.

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