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Ornamin Spouted Lid Large Opening (13 mm) For Porridge - Healthcare


Ornamin Spouted Lid Large Opening (13 mm) For Porridge

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  • Only suitable for the ORNAMIN cups model 206, 207, 805, 815, 816, 820, 905
  • Spouted lid with large opening ( 13 mm) for liquids and porridge; due to the extra long spout the head hardly needs to be tilted backwards
  • Practical daily helper for the elderly, private and professional care and people living with diseases such as stroke, Alzheimer, dementia, multiple sclerosis, parkinson, dysphagia
  • The spouted lid made of break-resistant quality plastic is durable, BPA-free, dishwasher safe and microwaveable
  • Made in Germany

ORNAMIN 807 Spouted lid with large opening ( 13 mm)

Eating and drinking independently.

Secure and tight.
The drinking lid closes the mug tightly, which prevents thick liquids and foods like soup from spilling even when the hand that is holding it gets tired or shaky fingers are struggling. Also when drinking clumsily nothing leaks. Due to the length of the spout, the head does not have to be stretched, which is a big advantage for eating in bed or a care chair. The drinking aid with large opening and long spout enables patients to regain independence and enjoy their meal. Simultaneous, it creates more free-time for professional or domestic carers a true everyday aid.
Fitting combinations.
The drinking lid is available in seven colours and fits the following ORNAMIN mugs:
Care cup Model 805
Cup with non-slip scale Model 820
Cup with non-slip flower Model 820
Mug with internal cone Model 905
2-Handle-Mug Model 816
2-Handle-Mug with internal cone Model 815
Mug with internal cone Model 207
Thermo mug Model 206

It is also available with a small opening (Trinkaufsatz Modell 806). A discreet alternative to the classic spouted lid is the drinking lid Model 814, which disappears inside the mug and is non-visible drinking aid. This makes the user feel more comfortable. Also from an ergonomical perpective the drinking lid Model 814 is a great alternative, since it minimizes the risk of choking.

ORNAMIN Warranty
Ornamin offers a 30-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Only if the directions for use and care instructions are followed. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. Further information regarding warranty can be found at https://www.ornamin.com/shop/en/the-ornamin-warranty.

Care instructions.
To clean the ORNAMIN tableware please do not use any pointed or sharp-edged items such as knives or sponges made of steel as they impair the refined surface. Additionally the use of harsh cleaning agents like scouring agent needs to be avoided. Accessories such as the non-slip rim or grip pads are dishwasher safe and may stay in the product while rinsing or can be cleaned separately. Leave the grip pads of the keep warm tableware attached to the plate or bowl while cleaning in the dishwasher and remove them only after rinsing for the purpose of drying.

ORNAMIN family tableware.
Anywhere people come together, family begins be it round the family dining table, in business production or in communal catering. It goes without saying that everyone is part of the family: large, small, old, young, with or without a disability, no one should be absent or left out. That is why ORNAMIN develops and realises reasonable functional and everyday tableware for the whole family in universal design that helps people and protects sustainably the environment. ORNAMIN uses only certified raw materials approved for contact with food products in the manufacture of the family tableware. These raw materials are used for manufacturing products made of plastic, e.g. made of melamine. In comparison to porcelain or glass melamine has a lower weight as well as noise emission and is more break-resistant a great advantage for families and canteen kitchens. Highest quality made in Germany.

Product details.
Spouted lid with large opening
Model: 807
Material: PP

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