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Omron MIT5 Connect Upper Arm Bi-Link Irregular Heartbeat Blood Pressure Monitor - Healthcare


Omron MIT5 Connect Upper Arm Bi-Link Irregular Heartbeat Blood Pressure Monitor

$194.90 $199.00
Omron MIT5 Connect Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Bluetooth connectivity via smartphone
  • Bi-LINK - Online healthcare management platform
  • Hypertension indicator
  • Averaging function
  • 2 User - 100 memories per person

Design meets precision
The OMRON MIT5 Connect combines advanced technology with modern design. Its combination of features ensures accurate monitoring and enables you to track your blood pressure anytime? anywhere.

The MIT5 Connect enables you to upload your data? via Bluetooth through your smartphone? to OMRONs Bi-LINK software.

The MIT5 Connect also features irregular heartbeat detection? blood pressure level indicator? a cuff wrapping guide to ensure the cuff is placed correctly and an advanced averaging function that will give you an average of three readings. It also comes with a two user function giving you the option to keep separate records for two people. Each user can store up to 100 readings all with date and time info.

At OMRON? we know the details really make the difference in health management. This understanding keeps us a global leader in blood pressure monitoring and enables you to take control of your health. The MIT5 Connect incorporates the latest OMRON technology to bring high accuracy and true confidence

  • Bi-LINK online health management platform
  • Intellisense Technology
  • Medium - large cuff (22-42 cm).
  • Helps to detect morning hypertension
  • Color indicator to signal high blood pressure
  • Two user memory (100 readings per user)
  • Advanced averaging mode
  • Irregular heartbeat indicator
  • Morning hypertension tracker
  • Clinically validated

Free online health management platform
OMRON Bi-LINK is a health management platform developed by OMRON to help you track? understand and manage your vital health parameters. Upload and store your blood pressure readings in the OMRON cloud and gain a good understanding of your health condition over time. Simply use your Bluetooth enabled iOS or Android device (iOS 7 or later or Android 4.3 and above required) to upload data to your online account. Data is always accessible for view using your web browser. Your data will be uploaded to the OMRON cloud and can be viewed on your PC or Smartphone (note  Smart phone with iOS 7 or later or android 4.3 and above required - data can only be viewed on your PC or Mac).

Cuff wrapping guide
With the MIT5 Connect? there are a set of icon that guide you through taking your blood pressure. The 'ok' symbol on the bottom left of the screen tells you when the cuff has been placed correctly on your arm. This helps to ensure that monitor works efficiently and reduces the possibility of errors when taking a reading.

100 Memories per user
The MIT5 Connect features a dual user function. This means that you can store two peoples results separately to be recalled at a later date. You can store up to 100 memories per user? this is particularly useful when you are monitoring your blood pressure over time.

Box Contains
  • Omron MIT5 Connect
  • Easy Cuff 22-42cm
  • 4 AA Duracell Batteries
  • Storage Case
  • Instruction Manual
  • Blood Pressure Pass Card

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