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Omron MicroAir NE-U22 Portable Handheld Travel Pocket Compressor Nebuliser + Case - Healthcare


Omron MicroAir NE-U22 Portable Handheld Travel Pocket Compressor Nebuliser + Case


Omron MicroAir NE-U22 Pocket Nebuliser

  • Portable pocket-sized nebuliser that lasts for 4 hours on 2 x AA batteries
  • Wide medication compliance and low residue; allows for inhaling from various angles
  • Single-button operation quick and quiet medication
  • Hygienic? easy-to-clean design
  • Includes handy carrying case

The MicroAir? the pocket-sized nebuliser
The MicroAir is a battery operated? pocket sized inhaler with an optional adaptor for mains use. It is a truly portable and is easily transported due to its size and durability. The simple one-button operation immediately starts nebulisation and therefore enables you to start immediately with your medication. With the MicroAir? your medication is always within reach wherever you go? whatever you do.

The MicroAir operates virtually silently? enabling discreet use.

Wide medication compliance
Most commonly used medications for the treatment of asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) can be nebulised by the MicroAir including suspensions as well as solutions. The unique design of the MicroAir enables inhalation at various angles due to its patented technology. You can even use the MicroAir while lying in bed. This? coupled with quiet operation when nebulising? makes it ideal for administering medication quickly and efficiently to children.

Conventient and effective
With the MicroAir you can feel reassured when you leave the house that you have an efficient and effective nebuliser on hand whenever you need it. The Micro Air is so small and lightweight that you can carry it with you wherever you go.

The MicroAir is supplied with 2 x AA batteries which will power the unit for approximately four hours. Alternatively? rechargeable batteries can be used? or there is an adaptor that can be ordered separately.

With simple one-button operation? inhalation is completely under your control and nebulisation starts immediately at the push of a button.

The technology
Vibrating mesh nebulisation produces a very fine aerosol mist capable of penetrating deeply and quickly into the lungs. The MicroAir vibrating mesh technology nebuliser gives maximum portability with maximum performance. Vibrating mesh technology nebulisers are suitable for home and professional use.

Low medication waste and residue
The MicroAir uses up virtually all the medication (always consult your doctor about your medication). Thanks to the latest technology? medication is atomised into fine particles which reach both the higher and lower respiratory tracts effectively. The size of the particles allows the medication to be optimally deposited in the deeper respiratory tract. You receive more medication into your lungs? and less medication is wasted through exposure to the environment.

Box Contains
1 x Omron MicroAir U22 Pocket Nebuliser
1 x Adult mask
1 x Child mask
1 x Mouth piece adapter
1 x Mouth Piece
1 x Hard plastic cover
1 x Carry bag
2 x AA batteries

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