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Omron BF511 Family Body Composition Monitor (Blue) - Healthcare


Omron BF511 Family Body Composition Monitor (Blue)

$189.90 $199.00
  • Body fat percentage and BMI calculation
  • Visceral fat classification, skeletal muscle percentage classification, resting metabolism
  • Weight can be measured in pounds or kilograms (up to a weight of 150 kg / 330 lbs)
  • 8-Sensor technology using both hands and feet for an entire body measurement
  • Family model with measurement from six years onwards (with exception of visceral fat and skeletal muscle classification: 18-80 years)

The OMRON BF511 Body Composition Monitor is a clinically validated hand to foot device that measures accurately 6 body metrics. Its precise 8-sensor Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis technology assures high consistency of readings.

BF511 is more than just a scale. This device can help you stay motivated when you track your diet or fitness progress or simply, as you make basic changes to your lifestyle - eating right and exercising more. You can monitor improvement of body weight, body fat percentage, resting metabolism and skeletal muscle percentage. These parameters will help you understand how efficiently your body is working and help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals.

Designed to be used by the whole family. It is suitable for everyday use starting from the age of six (for BMI and body fat control). Easy to use and built to last. The BF511 is the ideal fitness tool to use any time in the comfort of your own home. Available in two colours: turquoise or dark blue.

*For best comparison of results over time always measure your body composition in the same environment and daily circumstances. Please refer to instructions of use.

1) of Visceral Fat, Body Fat, Skeletal Muscle, Resting Metabolism

Technical Specifications:

* Weight: Approximately 2.2 kg (4.85 lb) (including batteries)
* External Dimensions: Approx. 303 (W) × 55 (H) × 327 mm (D) (Approx. 11 7/8"" (W) x 2 1/8"" (H) x 12 7/8"" (D))
* Maximum weight capacity: 150 kg
* Height: 100.0 to 199.5 cm (3' 4"" to 6' 6 3/4"")
* Age: 6 to 80 years old
* Measurement Units: kg (cm) / lb (feet/inch)
* Power Supply: 4 AA batteries (R6) (You may also use AA alkaline batteries (LR6))
* Battery Life: Approximately 1 year (when manganese batteries are used with four measurements a day)
* Package Contents: Body Composition Monitor, 4 AA manganese batteries (R6),

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