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NUK First Choice+ 150ml Bottle with 0-6mths Silicone Teat assorted models (pack of 1) -


NUK First Choice+ 150ml Bottle with 0-6mths Silicone Teat assorted models (pack of 1)

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  • Suitable for combination feeding - the extra wide lip support simulates breast feeding as closely as possible
  • NUK Anti-Colic Air System minimises the risk of infant colic caused by the harmful swallowing of air, this also helps prevent the teat from collapsing
  • Medium feed hole teats are suitable for breast milk and formula
  • Approved by the Oral Health Foundation for promoting healthy oral developmentpment
  • 150ml baby bottle fitted with 0-6 month's silicone Medium Feed Hole Teat and a sealing disc for leak-proof transportation

Product Description

NUK First Choice+ Teats replicate the shape of a mother's nipple during breastfeeding. The extra soft tip easily takes on different shapes whilst also promoting the development of the mouth, lips and tongue. The orthodontic NUK shape, combined with the NUK First Choice+ extra wide lip support, makes it easier to alternate between breast and bottle feeding. The improved Anti Colic Air System minimises infant colic caused by the harmful swallowing of air. 

NUK First Choice+ bottles are fitted with a medium feed hole teat which is suitable for breast milk and formula. 

Silicone is a stronger and more durable material, which will last longer than latex. NUK Teats and Soothers are approved by the Oral Health Foundation.


General: Only administer food and drink in the quantity and consistency recommended by the manufacturer. From 5 months, gradually change your baby over to a beaker. Do not expose the teat to direct sunlight/heat or leave in disinfectants (sterilising solution) for longer than the stated time as this can damage the teat. Preparation: When preparing feed, always follow the temperature specifications of the feed manufacturer. To retain vitamins and nutrients, the temperatures should not exceed 60C. Cleaning bottles, teats and accessories: Boil (sterilise) bottles, teats and accessories for 5 minutes before first use and clean and sterilise thoroughly before each subsequent use. When boiling, always check that there is sufficient liquid in the pan to avoid damaging teats and bottles (a boiling time of about 5 minutes is sufficient). Teats and bottles do not belong in the dishwasher - dishwasher detergents can cause material damage! When sterilising in a microwave oven use the NUK Microwave Steriliser. When using any other steriliser or sterilising solution, please follow the manufacturers directions. Store hygienically in a dark place.

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