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Motorola MBP70SN Touchless Thermometer - Healthcare


Motorola MBP70SN Touchless Thermometer

$130.00 $150.00
  • Gentle and precise Held at a distance of 2 cm in front of the forehead, the clinical thermometer measures the exact temperature in a non-contact and pleasant way for the child within seconds.
  • Multifunctional In addition to body temperature, the MBP70SN also measures the heat status of baby food, vial, bath water or ambient temperature.
  • Fever warning If the temperature is too high, an immediate alarm will sound. The illuminated LED screen of the touchless thermometer lights up red in case of fever.
  • Bluetooth connectivity The thermometer can be linked with smartphones or tablets via the Bluetooth connection. Temperature records can be found in the Hubble app.
  • For the whole family Up to 4 user profiles can be created to track the exact temperature history of the baby and 3 other family members.

With the intelligent Motorola MBP70SN Touchless Thermometer, measuring fever becomes child's play. Gently determine the exact body temperature of your child within seconds. At a distance of 2cm in front of your forehead, you will promptly get an accurate result. Thanks to the non-contact technology, fever measurement is also possible without any problems with sleeping babies, and the temperature can be read immediately even in the dark on the backlit display. In case of fever, the Forehead Thermometer will sound an alarm as the colored LCD background turns red. Thanks to its 3 in 1 function, the thermometer not only reliably determines body temperatures, it also provides information about the ambient temperature and measures the temperature of bath water, baby porridge or the milk bottle.
Through Bluetooth, the MBP70SN can be paired with compatible mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Create up to four user profiles for your baby and three other family members, and track the temperature history in the pre-installed Hubble app. Analyze the records at any time and share the findings with your family or doctor. 

With the Motorola Smart Nursery Touchless Thermometer, your child's room is getting smarter! 


Instantaneous, non-contact measurement 
3-in-1 function: Determination of body, environment and surface temperatures 
Accurate temperature readings ( 0.2 C accuracy for the range 32.0 C to 42.9 C) 
LCD color display with backlight 
Fever alarm
Bluetooth connectivity 
Hygienic and BPA-free 


contents Non-contact thermometer 
2x AAA batteries 
Quick Start Guide

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