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Motorola Bark 200U Dog Ultrasonic Vibrating Anti-Bark Control Collar Shock-Free! - Petcare


Motorola Bark 200U Dog Ultrasonic Vibrating Anti-Bark Control Collar Shock-Free!

$139.90 $169.00

Motorola Bark 200U Ultrasonic and Vibrating Anti-Bark Control Collar? Black

  • Ultrasonic sound deterrent 25khz/120db and vibration
  • 3 ultrasonic sound levels (low/med/high)
  • Lightweight ip54 weather proof standard
  • Intelligent design allows dog to naturally bark for 5 seconds prior to ultrasonic correction
  • Two directional speakers facing the ears of your dog

The Motorola Bark 200U uses vibration and ultrasonic sound technology as a bark deterrent.

This is completely shock free.

Anti-Bark Dog Collar
The Motorola Bark 200U is an anti-bark dog collar that uses vibration and ultrasonic sound technology to help control the bark of your dog. Your dog can wear this outdoors as the Bark 200U carries a IP 54 weather rating? making it splash proof and dust protected.

Bark 200U is designed to allow your dog to freely bark for 5 seconds? before releasing vibrations and ultrasonic sound as a deterrent. This is done by detecting the vocal chords of your dog? therefore limiting any false activation's.

The Bark 200U is lightweight so that there is no excessive strain on your dog. This is best fit on dogs over 6.8 kg? where the adjustable strap lets you ensure the correct fitting for your dog.

Ultrasonic Deterrent

The ultrasonic sound is released at a frequency rate of 25 KHz and is inaudible to most humans at a rate of 86 decibels.

Your dog will learn to associate their barking with the vibration and the high-pitched ultrasonic sound to help control and reduce the barking.

The two-directional speakers will ensure that your dog hears the Ultrasonic sound as effectively as they should? increasing their obedience level so you can enjoy taking them for regular walks without the hassle.

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