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Eubos Urea 10% Koerperlotion, 1er Pack (1 x 200 g) - Skincare


Eubos Urea 10% Koerperlotion, 1er Pack (1 x 200 g)

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Product description
General Information about EUBOS MED Dry Skin 10% Urea Body Lotion With Sweet Almond Oil, Glycerin, Allantoin, Sodium Lactate. Acts keratolytically, i. superficial dandruff is loosened and the skin is smoothed. The rich water-in-oil emulsion with sweet almond oil, allantoin and 10% urea is a medical care for daily use on extremely dry, itchy and flaky skin (eg aging skin, dry skin in diabetes). Also accompanying the therapy care z. As in atopic dermatitis, psoriasis. The ingredients and their effects: Dry skin is often deficient in lipids and in particular urea, a physiological, natural moisturizing factor. As a result, further drying of the upper skin layer may occur. EUBOS 10% UREA BODY LOTION provides the skin intensively with moisture-binding urea and thus significantly increases the hydration ability of the skin. Urea is also keratolytic, d. h., superficial dandruff is loosened, so that a skin-smoothing effect is achieved. Allantoin and a special lipid combination with sweet almond oil help strengthen the natural protective function of the skin and prevent excessive moisture loss. For extra good compatibility: EUBOS 10% UREA BODY LOTION is: perfume-free paraben-free lanolin-free dye-free and contains no mineral oil (paraffin). Composition: Water-in-oil emulsion pH: no pH defined.

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