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Childs Farm Hair and Body Wash Blackberry and Organic Apple, 250ml - Skincare


Childs Farm Hair and Body Wash Blackberry and Organic Apple, 250ml

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About Childs Farm

Created in 2010 and launched in 2011, Childs Farm was a solution for the two daughters of Joanna Jensen, founder & CEO, both of whom suffer from sensitive skin and fine, fly-away hair. Joanna looked for a range of childrens toiletries specifically designed for young skin and hair, and therefore as natural as possible. Ideally, it would contain child-friendly essential oils, be fun for kids to use and, most importantly, work! But she couldnt find this range anywhere. Using her knowledge of natural remedies, Joanna created a basic shampoo and bubble bath at her kitchen table, and then took this to a manufacturer. The user feedback she received was not only that it smelled fantastic, performed brilliantly and that children loved using it, but also that it worked wonders on sensitive and even eczema-prone skin. This was the springboard for a series of clinical tests and trials - which continues to this day on everything we produce, and that allows us to make our sensitive and eczema-prone skin claims. For more information, please visit our website.

*In 2015, our range was trialled on 112 babies aged 0-3 months. We also carried out user trials on 117 babies, aged 3-18 months, with medically diagnosed eczema.

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