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Brita Navelia Colour Edition (Cruiser Blue/Midnight Yellow) - Water Filters


Brita Navelia Colour Edition (Cruiser Blue/Midnight Yellow)

Product Features
  • Removes limescale, chlorine, metals and odours from water
  • Electronic countdown indicator
  • Diamond shape fits into fridge door pockets
  • 2.3 Litre Jug (1.3L filtered capacity)
  • With 1 x MAXTRA filter

Award-winning, this clever, diamond-shaped Filter Jug is designed especially to fit neatly into your fridge door pocket and produces cleaner, clearer great-tasting Brita filtered water.. Fitted with Brita’s Maxtra filter it makes water taste and smell nicer to drink, meaning that you can reduce bottled water usage by filtering at home as well as reducing limescale damage to kettles and other household appliances when you use water from the jug. And to ensure optimum performance the jug is fitted with an electronic countdown indicator to warn you when the current cartridge has ceased to be efficient.

Turn your tap water into filtered water at home…

  • Designed to fit in the door pockets of even small fridges
  • Produces nicer drinking water, by filtering odours as well as limescale, chlorine and metals
  • Brita filtered water reduces lime damage to kettles, coffee machines and steam irons
  • Electronic cartridge exchange indicator reminds you when to replace the filter

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