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Brita Maxtra + Filter 12 Pack Micro Flow - Water Filters


Brita Maxtra + Filter 12 Pack Micro Flow

$129.90 $199.00
12 month supply of MAXTRA+ water filter 
*Compatible with all BRITA jugs (Classic range excluded)
*New and improved filtration
*Reduce taste impairing substances such as chlorine 
*Reduce metals such as lead and copper
*Protect from limescale build-up 
*Replace filter every 150L or 4 weeks based on average household size drinking 8 glasses per day
Improve the taste and appearance of your drinking water with the new BRITA MAXTRA+ Filter Cartridge. MicroFlow technology uses natural coconut shells to reduces impurities, chlorine, limescale, lead and copper from your tap water, offering an eco-friendly alternative to bottled water that costs just pence per litre.
Each cartridge lasts for around 30 days, depending on usage, producing up to 100 litres of filtered water per cartridge. Suitable for BRITA MAXTRA water filter jugs, the easy fit cartridge is 100% recyclable.

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