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Brita Fill & Go Water Filter Bottle Inc. 4 Filter Discs (Blue/Green/Grey/Pink) - Water Filters


Brita Fill & Go Water Filter Bottle Inc. 4 Filter Discs (Blue/Green/Grey/Pink)

BRITA Fill & Go Water Filter Bottle Inc. 4 Filter Discs - Blue/Green/Pink/Grey

Enjoy great taste on the go with the stylish and reusable BRITA FillandGo water filter bottle.
Featuring an integrated Filter Disc, which filters as you drink, making filling up anywhere, easy.
Use with the straw for upright drinking or remove the straw to tip and drink.
Each disc reduces chlorine and other taste impairing substances in your water sip by sip.
BPA-Free, easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
Designed to fit in most in-car cup holders.
Great 0.6L capacity, easy to use with one-handed opening and closing.
4 FillandGo Filter Discs included, approximately one months supply.
One FillandGo Filter Disc a week gives you fresh, great tasting water wherever you are.
Feel assured with BRITA's 30 day money back guarantee and free replacement parts service.
The Water Filter Company

BRITA invented the pour-through water filter jug in 1966 and has pioneered products ever since
BRITA filtered water is enjoyed every day by more than 250 million people in more than 60 countries
BRITA is passionate about delivering sustainable solutions
Quality from the experts. German design with rigorous performance and quality testing
Excellent after care service in the UK. 30 day money back guarantee and free replacement parts
Why is water so important?
Hydration is vital to daily living. Every cell in your body needs water to function properly. It helps replenish skin tissues and moisturises the skin. Water flushes out toxins from your organs and is intrinsic to any well-balanced diet. Your brain is approximately 90% water, so drinking water makes you more alert and increases your ability to concentrate. Most health professionals agree that it is beneficial to consume 8 glasses of water a day, which is easier when you enjoy the taste.

Why filter your water?
Whilst tap water in the UK is perfectly safe to drink it can contain high levels of chlorine which can have a very strong smell and taste. We are lucky in the UK, tap water is readily and easily available, whether you 're at home, work or on the go and is great value for money. Drinking tap water also offers a sustainable way to stay hydrated.

Great taste on the go
The Fill & Go water filter bottle is designed to provide a smart and cost effective alternative to bottled water. It is a stylish BPA-Free water bottle with the added benefit of BRITA filtration, which filters whilst you drink. The Fill & Go has an integrated activated carbon BRITA Filter Disc which transforms tap water into great tasting, freshly filtered BRITA water. Each filter disc gives you fresh, great tasting water by reducing chlorine and other taste impairing substances sip by sip. One filter disc lasts approximately one week and each Fill & Go comes with one month 's supply.

The filter bottle can be used with or without the straw. Remove the straw and top it up to drink like a traditional bottle, or insert the straw to use in an upright position. The filter bottle has a 600ml capacity and comes in multiple colours. The bottle features easy one-handed opening and closing and is dishwasher safe.

Whether you like to be out and about and on the go or like to take it easy, stay hydrated with the Fill & Go, the everyday hydration solution. Tap water is instantly turned into freshly filtered BRITA water with every fill up. Why not replace those throw away plastic bottles and use your Fill & Go when on the work commute, school run, family days out or that jog in the park or gym visit. You can even help the children stay refreshed whilst studying at school, college or university.

Filter Discs
Make every tap an official filling station for your BRITA Fill & Go. Each Fill & Go disc provides you with a week 's worth of great tasting water, saving you from buying lots of plastic bottles. BRITA 's compact filter technology significantly reduces chlorine, other taste impairing substances and fine solids.

Box Contains
1 x BRITA Fill & Go Blue Filter Bottle
1 x Pack of BRITA Fill & Go filter discs (4 discs)

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