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Braun Silk Epil 5 Power 5780 Epilator with 7 Extras Including a Shaver Head and a Trimmer Cap - Personal Grooming


Braun Silk Epil 5 Power 5780 Epilator with 7 Extras Including a Shaver Head and a Trimmer Cap

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Braun Silk-epil Xelle 5780 Body and Face Epilator

  • Extra gentle epilation with a Comfort System composed of massaging rollers and a cooling glove to soothe the skin after epilation
  • Braun's 40 close-grip tweezers remove hairs as fine as a grain of sand (0.5 mm) from the root to leave skin smooth for up to four weeks
  • The Smartlight helps you find even the finest hairs for no miss removal
  • The speed personalisation allows you to select the right speed for your individual needs
  • Comes with five attachments? including a shaver head specifically designed to give you superior results in different areas of the body

Designed for efficient? long-lasting and extra gentle hair removal? the new Silk-epil 5 5780 is ideal for women who are new to epilation. It includes close-grip technology with 40 tweezers that remove even short and fine hair. It also has a Comfort System with massage rollers that stimulate the skin? plus a cooling glove effectively cools the skin before and soothes it after epilation to further increase your comfort. The features of the Silk-epil 5 Epilator are dermatologically recommended by Dr. med. Petra Staubach (University Skin Clinic? Mainz) as the gentle solution to long-lasting hair removal thanks to its unique combination of skin-soothing features.

1. High frequency massage: The high frequency massage system stimulates the skin and effectively soothes the plucking sensation during epilation to maximise your skin comfort.

2. Pivoting head: The Silk-epil 5 Dual Epilator features a flexible head that can pivot by up to 15 degrees forward and back. This means it can better adapt to the contours of the body for more comfort and maximum thoroughness. And it ensures that optimum usage position is maintained.

3. SoftLift Tips: The SoftLift Tips effectively lift even flat-lying hair and help guide them to the tweezers for removal.

4. Smartlight: The Smartlight helps easily guide your way through the epilation process and lightens up even the finest hairs for no miss removal.

5. Speed personalisation: You can select the right speed for your individual needs: Speed one for extra gentle epilation? speed two for extra efficient epilation.

Comfort System--massaging and cooling
The Silk-epil 5 features high frequency massaging rollers that actively stimulate your skin for an extra gentle epilation and a cooling glove that cools and prepares your skin before epilation and soothes it after.

Close-grip technology
Braun's technological breakthrough makes epilating more efficient than ever before. The 40 tweezers have been engineered to close at the optimal angle and grip hair even closer to the skin for better removal of even the shortest hairs (0.5 mm).

Fully washable
The Silk-epil 5 5780 has a sealed body? which means it can be cleaned under running water for better hygiene.

Five attachments included
The Silk-epil 5 5780 also comes with five attachments including a shaver head? a trimmer cap? an efficiency cap? a sensitive area cap and a facial cap? specifically designed to give you superior results in different areas of the body.

Frequently asked questions

I have never epilated before--how should I go about it?
Braun's Silk-epil epilators are the perfect choice for first-time users. Their active massage rollers softly stimulate your skin with micro pulsations before and after removing the hair? leaving your skin more relaxed. Still? if you are inexperienced? you may feel a little discomfort during your first epilating sessions. This will decrease with each session? as the skin adjusts to the process. Also? the individual hairs grow back at different speeds depending on their particular growth cycle? so that there will be less hair to remove after the first epilation.

Does more hair grow back if I epilate?
No? this has been proven in dermatological tests. In fact? studies show that ongoing epilation reduces the amount of hair regrowth.

How do I best prepare my skin for epilating?
The best preparation for epilating is a nice? warm shower. It will leave your skin clean and relaxed. Be sure to use a gentle? pH-neutral shower gel? and keep the water warm? not hot? to avoid drying out your delicate skin.

Is epilation painful?
Silk-epil epilators have been developed especially to minimise any discomfort and irritation. The cooling glove attached effectively cools the skin before and soothes it after epilation.

Includes travel bag and cleaning brush.

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