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Body Mint Food Supplement Tablets 60 Pack 1 Month Supply for Body  Breath Odour - Healthcare


Body Mint Food Supplement Tablets 60 Pack 1 Month Supply for Body Breath Odour

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Body Mint - 60 Food Supplement Tablets

Fresh Body? Breath & Feet

Made in USA

Body Mint is a revolutionary healthy deodorant in the form of a pill. It is made from healthy? green ingredients and contains NO harsh chemicals.

Backed by three years of research and development? Body Mints formula is guarded closely by the company and has been specifically designed to target breath? underarm? perspiration and foot odors. Its no wonder Body Mint caught the eye of CNN reporter Jeanne Moos? who reported on its popularity? consumer satisfaction and efficacy.

Body Mint is a unique chlorophyll supplement in that it has been developed and specialized to target multiple odors in our body; specifically as a underarm? perspiration? foot and bad breath treatment. Body Mint was developed over a three year period in which nine different formulas were carefully and meticulously tested. Its base ingredient is chlorophyllin; a special derivative of chlorophyll. Each tablet contains 100mg of chlorophyllin and is designed to provide total day and night protection. Body Mint is an internal deodorant and freshens unwanted odors from within the body before they are released.

Healthy & Packed with Antioxidants

Body Mint is an aluminum free deodorant. In addition to not having any harsh chemicals? Body Mint is also packed with antioxidants. With growing health concerns and a bigger emphasis on a healthier style of living? Body Mint is at the forefront of offering a healthy solution to deodorant protection to men and women around the world.

Works Internally

Unlike topical deodorants? sprays? powders and breath mints? Body Mint does not mask odors. It is an internal deodorant that works naturally from within to alleviate everyday odors before they are excreted through the skin and breath. Taken twice a day? Body Mint is constantly working day and night. It doesnt require reapplication and wont rub or wear off.

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