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Bodi-Tek Back Magic Spine Alignment Arch and Lumbar Support Muscle Stretcher - Healthcare


Bodi-Tek Back Magic Spine Alignment Arch and Lumbar Support Muscle Stretcher

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The Bodi-Tek BackMagic

The BackMagic is specifically designed to relieve back pain due to tight muscles? the loss of lumber curve and poor spinal alignment. Targeting the lumbar region of the lower back the BackMagic is an easy to use solution for spinal tightness and tension.

We all spend way too much time sitting? which negatively alters our posture by flattening our lower back and neck curves.
This inevitably causes stiffness and tightness of the postural muscles that are attached to our spine. The BackMagic is an effective and portable device that can easily help to alleviate this universal problem.

Use the BackMagic twice a day for only 5 minutes and your spine will become more flexible and your posture will totally transform. You will be able to stand taller and look and feel better in just 10 minutes a day. If in any doubt read the reviews which are everywhere for this simply but effective problem solver.

Health Tip:If you have a recognised back or neck condition including any Spondylosis? Osteoporosis? Severe Arthritis? Spondylolisthesis? Spinal Lesions/Tumours? and Acute Fractures? consult your doctor before use.

Part of your daily routine
Before using the BackMagic read the user guide to maximize the benefits.

Perform a five-minute stretch per session in your desired position. Two sessions a day are recommended? although you may enjoy using the BackMagic even three times a day. Pay special attention to your daily progress. Individual results may vary. Some users experience immediate relief and noticeable benefits? while others may take several weeks.

Start by using the BackMagic for 1 minute twice a day. Even with this minimum amount of use you should expect to feel the affects as your body adjusts. As your flexibility and posture improve you may want to advance to Level 2. Progression to Level 3 should only be considered if you are high flexible. i.e. you already do yoga? pilates? gymnastics or athletics.

Handy Tip: Relax! One of the keys to a good tension relieving stretch is relaxation. Take a deep breath? exhale gently? and let your body weight work together with gravity. You will achieve a greater stretch and arrive at a more relaxed state sooner.

How to use
The BackMagic was designed to make your life more enjoyable through better back health. Use the BackMagic to stretch muscles and relieve back pain due to tight muscles? excessive flexion? and poor spinal alignment. Incorporate it into your daily routine to achieve maximum results. The user guide goes into more detail on the various exercises and routines.


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