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Bodi-Tek Abtek Stomach Muscle Toning Belt - Black - Healthcare


Bodi-Tek Abtek Stomach Muscle Toning Belt - Black

$53.00 $99.00
  • An effective EMS belt for toning and firming the abdominal region
  • Fast and effective toning
  • Shapes, firms, tones and improves muscle strength
  • 6 Programmes
  • Adjustable intensity
  • One size fits all (waist size 24in to 47in)
  • Includes batteries and gel

Product Description

Achieve a Firm, Toned Stomach at the Touch of a Button

The Bodi-Tek Ab-Tek Belt allows you to tone your abdominal muscles safely and easily in the privacy and comfort of your own home. It’s easy to use and the LCD display gives you all the details on your exercise routine. The six programs/modes take you through various levels of exercise and are optimized to give you a tighter, firmer stomach and to tone your abs easily and effortlessly. The system is battery powered, and can be used anywhere, any time.

Key features


Uses advanced EMS technology
Tone your abdominal muscles safely and easily in the privacy and comfort of your own home

One size fits all waists 24"-47"
Easy to put on, and comfortable to wear. Can be worn under clothing, and is slimline and lightweight for ease of use in public places

Six programmes
Various workout programs, to suit your individual fitness routine

LCD display
Simple to use

Programme/Mode Name Description
A Toning 4 pulses per second
B Massage 8 pulses per second
C Warm up 20 pulses per second
D Enhance 14 pulses per second
E Athlete 26 pulses per second
F Body trim 37 pulses per second

How does the Ab-Tek Belt work?

The Ab-Tek Belt works on the principle of EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation). It generates safe, gentle electrical pulses that are delivered onto your skin through the special electrodes placed on the inside of the belt. These electrical pulses activate the nerves which control the muscles. The pulses then contract and relax the muscle in a way similar to an exercise routine. The pulses generated have been designed to imitate natural muscular contractions. The programs send out the pulses at regular intervals to contract and relax the abdominal muscles, in a similar manner to doing sit-ups.

How does it feel?

To begin with the pulses give a mild tingling sensation and as the intensity is increased you will start to notice muscle contractions. Contraction and relaxing periods vary depending on the program used. The muscle contractions are smooth and each contraction will start with a slow rise, hold itself in a contracted position for a few seconds and then gently relax.

Key features
Top tips when using your Ab Tek Belt
  • Always make sure that the conductive electrodes are well covered with conductive gel before use
  • If your skin turns red or there is irritation, stop using the belt for a little while until the irritation goes away. Sometimes this is caused by moist electrodes drying up
  • Occasionally the body develops excessive oils on the skin and this could inhibit pulse conduction
  • Cleaning the skin area with a warm damp cloth before using the belt is a good solution
  • When you put the belt on, make sure that the electrodes are in good contact with your skin and the belt is firmly placed around your stomach
  • Always have a resting period of at least 5 hours between work-outs

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