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Beurer Cold Relief Herbal Aroma Insert Refill - Pack of 3 for HK 65 - Electric Blankets & Pain Relief


Beurer Cold Relief Herbal Aroma Insert Refill - Pack of 3 for HK 65

$145.00 $169.00
  • Aniseed, thyme and peppermint herbal infusion helps to decongest blocked airways
  • A clever combination of natural essential oils helps to promote a decongestant effect
  • Size: 40 x 30 cm
  • X 3 herbal aroma insterts per pack
  • Long lasting aroma

Product Description

These long-lasting aroma therapy inserts are infused with Aniseed, Thyme and Peppermint herbs. Simply place one of the sachets inside the cover of your HK65 heat pad to allow the soothingly warm heat and mentholated herbal concoction to aid a refreshing treatment for both your body and mind. These herbs are well-known for their decongestant properties which can provide a natural remedy to help clear airways, reduce throat irritation and ease cold and flu symptoms. Another insert is also available separately for relaxation, infused with Lavender, Lemon Balm and Mellssa herbs.

Simply place the herbal insert inside the soft, aloe-vera cover to infuse, relax and unwind. With all Beurer products, you can be confident that they have been made to superior European standards with both quality and value for money in mind.

Beurer is the European one–stop specialist for health and well-being consumer electronics products. We are a trusted market leader with nearly 100 years’ experience under our belts. Our success is due to our long-standing reputation for quality made products, driven by safety and innovation. Today, our product portfolio has extended to offer a vast array of products for the home, health and general wellbeing, making Beurer one of the most acclaimed full-line providers in the health and wellbeing industry today.

Box Contains

3 X Cold Relief herbal aroma inserts
User Instructions

Aromatic medicinal herbs play important roles in home health and wellbeing.

Amongst most popular herbs are aniseed, thyme and peppermint. These 3 herbs are used in the Cold Relief Insert for the Beurer HK 65 Aroma Heat Pad to help you soothe your tickly and irritated throat and help you to clear your blocked airways.

By warming aromatic medicinal herbs, the essential oils from within the herbs are emitted into the air as soothing inhalation vapours.

Cold Relief Herbal Insert contains the 'cold' herb mixture: aniseed, thyme and peppermint. The essential oils produced by the herbal mixture intended for colds are well recognised for their airways clearing properties and throat irritation reduction. Cold Relief Insert is perfect for soothing your sore throat and blocked nose, when you have a cold. 

Cold Relief Insert for Beurer HK 65 Aroma Heat Pad is supplied as a pack of 3 cold relief herbal inserts.

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