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Beurer BF 700 Glass Bathroom Scale - Healthcare


Beurer BF 700 Glass Bathroom Scale

  • With bluetooth for automatic transfer of values to your smartphone or PC using the HealthManager app or BodySahpe app allowing you to easily track your progess
  • Measures body weight, body fat, body water, muscle ratio, bone mass with AMR/BMR, calorie counter and BMI calculation
  • Eight memory spaces with auto recognition, 30 measurement memory spaces
  • Five activity levels, adjustable between Kg, lb, st
  • LCD display, quick start, auto switch-off, weight capacity 180 Kg

Product Description


The Beurer BF700 diagnostic scale enables you to transfer your measured values easily and conveniently to the HealthManager app via your smartphone with Bluetooth Smart. So from now on, you will always be able to keep an eye on your health values - anytime, anywhere.

As well as weight, the BF 700 diagnostic scale records numerous other health values such as, water content, muscle mass, bone mass, basal metabolic rate (BMR) and active metabolic rate (AMR) and transfers this data directly to the smartphone via Bluetooth Smart, where users can manage their personal statistics in the HealthManager app.

What happens if your smartphone isn't immediately to hand? Even this is no problem, because the BF700 saves up to 30 x 8 measured values and transfers them as soon as the HealthManager app is available once again. Bluetooth Smart data transfer is supported by iPhone 5s/5c/5/4s, iPad (3rd and 4th generation), iPad mini and iPod touch (5th generation).

The free HealthManager app allows you to manage data with a variety of compatible Beurer products. Switch easily between weight, blood pressure, blood glucose and activity tracker. Your last measurements for each section are displayed in a clear and easy to read format. Progress graphs and tables with measured values give you a quick and convenient overview of your measurements and make managing mobile health data fun. The free HealthManager pc software enables you to analyse your body metrics even more closely. Additional views and settings allow for individual evaluation. You can use the export or e mail functions to communicate with health care professionals. You can also easily synchronise your data within the entire HealthManager system - in other words one complete system to monitor your health and wellbeing.

The Beurer BF700 comes with brushed, stainless steel electrodes. Storage of the last 30 measurements for 8 users and five activity levels ensure you are supported throughout your fitness journey.

The BF700 is designed for weighing and providing a diagnosis of your personal fitness data. These important values are used to interpret and improve your general health and wellbeing.

BF - Calculation of your body fat percentage.

Body Water - Optimum water intake is essential for the human body to function properly.

This is especially important after physical exercise.

Muscle Ratio - Muscle tissue is heavier than fatty tissue. If you exercise in addition to dieting, you may find that you gain weight despite eating less. This is because although you are burning fat you are also building muscle mass.

Your Beurer diagnostic scale will show that you are on the right path.

Bone Mass - Bones are subject to natural growth, shrinking and ageing processes. Bone mass reaches its peak at the age of 30-40 in both men and women. As we age our bone mass then begins to reduce. Healthy eating (e.g. calcium) and physical exercise can combat the shrinkage.

BMR Indication - The basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the amount of energy required by the body at complete rest to maintain its basic functions (e.g. while lying in bed for 24 hours). This value largely depends on weight, height and age. It is displayed on the Beurer diagnostic scale in kcal/day units using the scientifically recognized Harris-Benedict formula. Your body requires this amount of energy in any case and it must be reintroduced into your body in the form of nutrition. If you take on less energy over the longer term, this can be harmful to your health.

AMR Indication - The active metabolic rate (AMR) is the amount of energy required daily by the body in its active state. The energy consumption of a human being rises with increasing physical activity and is measured on the Beurer diagnostic scale in relation to the degree of activity entered (1- 5). To maintain your existing weight, the amount of energy used must be reintroduced into the body in the form of food and drink.

If less energy is introduced than is used over a longer period of time, your body will obtain the difference largely from the amount of fat stored and your weight will reduce. If, on the other hand, over a longer period of time more energy is introduced than the total active metabolic rate (AMR) calculated, your body will be unable to burn off the excess energy, and the excess will be stored in the body as fat and your weight will increase.

Android / iOS

Make sure that your smartphone is connected only with one Bluetooth device. If you connect more Bluetooth devices at the same time it comes to disturbance

Please restart your smartphone and check if the user is assigned to the scale. You can recognize this if the text is black highlighted.

Should the user be gray, follow the steps below and delete the old user and create a new user.

Please open the HealthManager App in range of the scale.

Select settings and choose my devices BF 700.

Wait until the BF 700 lettering is visible.

Touch the BF 700 lettering delete the old user and create a new user.

After the first time measurement all future measurements should be assigned to you.


Box Contains

1 x BF700 Glass Diagnostic Scale; 3 x AAA Batteries; 1 x Instruction Manual

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