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Beurer BY 76 Digital Steam Sterilizer - Mother Baby & Kids


Beurer BY 76 Digital Steam Sterilizer

$89.90 $99.00
  • The digital Mister by 76 performs with speed and highly effective: It disinfects up to six bottles with accessories (such as Dummy), as well as smaller toys that can be Abgekocht, within seven minutes for your baby
  • The steam sterilisation with the by 76 killing germs and destroys all harmful Haushaltsbakterien to water vapour basis without chemical additives, when Ungeffnetem remain in the baby's bottle three hours Sterile
  • It's in the first few months the immune system of your new born baby makes it, making the fragile disinfection in this time especially important to help the short disinfection process the family everyday life for moms and dads
  • The LED display shows the remaining sterilization time, an optical and acoustic signal sounds after the last minute, consists of a reacher and filling cup
  • The bottle is removable and provide a Erleichterung at baby household, because the filling and fix the Feeding Bottle is then vereinfacht, all types of Kochfesten Baby Bottles can be disinfects
Babies are secured by your there aren't many existing Imun system especially at the beginning very susceptible to bacteria and germs. Just then you, make sure to keep the area free from types of diseases.
The by 76 Digital Steam Steriliser is quick and highly effective. After use the bottles 3 hours sterile. The device up to 6 bottles and accessories sterilised without chemical additives and kills all harmful Haushaltsbakterien within 7 minutes. The optical and acoustic signal indicates when you will find everything you need to know about the bottles can be removed. For added protection there are, of the by 76 also a tong.
Product Details: Quick and highly effective
* LED display for display of the remaining sterilisation time
* Up to 6 bottles and accessories in 7 minutes
* 3 hours of sterile time at ungeffnetem Deckel
* Light, of all harmful Haushaltsbakterien without chemical additives
* Optical and acoustic signal
* Includes removable bottle to hold bottle in place
* With Tong and measuring jug
* Cord wrap for headphone or cable wire
* Automatic switch-off function
* Energy saving (220  240 V)
* 50/60 Hz, 500 W
* Dimensions: Diameter: 22.5 cm x 33.5 cm
* Weight: approx. 1228 g

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