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Beurer HK 65 Aromatic Electronic Heat Pad - Electric Blankets & Pain Relief


Beurer HK 65 Aromatic Electronic Heat Pad


3 illuminated temperature settings with turbo heating
Relaxation insert: aniseed, thyme and peppermint
Cold-relief insert: lavender, lemon balm and melissa
Removable aloe vera cover - machine washable at 30°C
BSS overheating protection and automatic switch-off after approx 90 minutes

Product Description
The Beurer HK65 Aromatic Electronic Heat Pad is designed for warming the human body. It allows you to apply targeted warmth to the desired part of the body. Heat promotes the circulation and relaxes the muscles. The heating pad is made of breathable microfleece and so is very adaptable and agreeable to the skin. It can also be used without its fabric cover. The detachable switch allows the pad to be cleaned in the washing machine on a gentle cycle at 30°C.

The removable textile cover of the heating pad has been treated with extract of aloe vera. As a result the textile cover is very kind to skin and pleasantly soft. The textile cover is machine washable at 30°C; however, please note that the skin-friendly properties of the textile cover wash out after a number of wash cycles.

The heat pad comes complete with two different herb inserts: Cold-relief insert (aniseed, thyme, peppermint) to help clear the airways and reduce irritation of the throat, and a relaxation insert (lavender, lemon balm, melissa). Place one of the two inserts into the heat pad cover depending on the desired effect. Place the heating pad on the body in a position that enables the essential vapours to be inhaled. If used daily, the inserts must be changed after approximately one month because the essential oils will then have almost entirely evaporated. New inserts are available.

The fastest way to heat up the heating pad is to first set the switch to the highest setting. A lower setting can be selected later if required.

Three temperature settings

Level 0: Off
Level 1: Minimum heat (50 - 55 °C)
Level 2: Medium heat (60 - 65 °C)
Level 3: Maximum heat (70 - 75 °C).
There is an automatic switch-off after approximately 90 minutes of use and there is a safety system that prevents the entire surface of the heating pad from overheating by automatically switching off in the event of a fault.

Please refer to the Instruction Manual for full directions on how to use this product.

Safety Warning
Please refer to the Instruction Manual for full Safety Warnings in regard to this product.

Box Contains
1 x Beurer HK65 Aromatic Electronic Heat Pad
1 x Switch
1 x Cover
2 x Herb inserts
1 x Instruction Manual

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