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Aqua Optima Oria Filter Jug, 6 month Pack  - Water Filters


Aqua Optima Oria Filter Jug, 6 month Pack 

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Are you interested in what goes into your food and drink? Do you read the label

Water. Its the foundation of all life on earth. Essential to our well being, it makes up 75% of our lean tissue, 83% of our blood and 22% of our bones. It nurtures, regenerates and restores every cell and without our daily top-up we will become dehydrated which could leave us feeling tired and lethargic and even suffering from headaches. In severe cases, dehydration can lead to organ malfunction.

Aqua Optima have been researching water for years; testing it and refining it to come up with their filters, which make cleaner, purer water just as nature intended.

Aqua Optima water filters let you recreate this purity in your home, quickly and easily in filter jugs, kettles and water chillers. Using their patented 5-step filtration process, Aqua Optima water filters remove impurities from tap water, leaving you with purer water faster.

Clean, clear water for all

Clean, clear water for all the family.

The Aqua Optima water filter cartridges have a patented 5-step filtration system to remove impurities and potentially harmful substances from tap water and maintain a consistent fast flow rate throughout the life of the product.

Improves the look and taste of cooked vegetables.

Aqua Optimas layer of micro fine mesh gives extra clarity to filtered water, improving the look and taste of cooked vegetables.

Better tasting drinks

Aqua Optimas formulation reduces levels of herbicides, pesticides and chlorine by up to 80%. The activated carbon also helps prevent the unattractive oily film that can occur on the surface of hot drinks.

Tested and Certified.

The Aqua Optima Evolve filter has been given the Gold Seal Certification by the Water Quality Association. This internationally recognised seal assures consumers that the Evolve filter range has been tested and certified to meet the highest of safety standards in both performance and component materials.

More economical than bottled

Bottled water can be far more expensive and less regulated than our domestic tap water. Aqua Optima filtered water works out at under 4p per litre. Drinking filtered tap water also has far less impact on the environment, as many water bottles are non-biodegradable.

Reduces limescale

Calcium carbonate, common in hard water areas, causes the build-up of limescale in kitchen appliances. Using Aqua Optima filtered water will help extend the life of your kettle.

All Aqua Optima products are BPA free.

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