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ALCINA Hyaluron 2.0 Eye Gel, 1er Pack (1 x 15 ml) - Healthcare


ALCINA Hyaluron 2.0 Eye Gel, 1er Pack (1 x 15 ml)

$39.90 $59.90
Refills the moisture deposits
Wakes up tired eyes and gives freshness
Cooling and decongestant effect
Does not stick, does not grease and absorbs quickly
Night owls and early risers beware! The HYALURON 2.0 Eye Gel awakens tired eyes with its cooling and decongestant effect. Moisture Plus: replenishes the moisture deposits of your skin. Does not fat, does not stick and absorbs quickly. Can you imagine that your skin is thirsty? Yes - but not on water but on hyaluron! What is Hyaluron 2.0? From the age of 25, the body's own formation of hyaluronic acid diminishes. As a result, the skin loses moisture, dries out and can dehydrate. Wrinkles are a consequence of skin thirst. That's why Hyaluron is vital for the skin! With Hyaluron 2.0, the moisture deposits are replenished! The advanced form of hyaluronic acid 2.0 binds up to 6 liters of moisture per gram in the skin. The thirst is deleted!

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