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Brita Maxtra New Water Filter Jug Refills Genuine Replacement Cartridges (4 Counts) - Water Filters


Brita Maxtra New Water Filter Jug Refills Genuine Replacement Cartridges (4 Counts)

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BRITA MAXTRA Water Filter Cartridges - 4 Pack

  • BRITA MAXTRA water filter cartridges reduce limescale? chlorine and impurities.
  • Fits all BRITA MAXTRA jug systems and BRITA partner products.
  • Each cartridge lasts for approximately one month for optimum performance.
  • Convenient ring pull handle for easy exchange.
  • No pre-soaking required.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Suitable for all water types.

The Water Filter Company

  • BRITA invented the pour-through water filter jug in 1966
  • BRITA filtered water is enjoyed every day by over 250 million people in over 60 countries
  • BRITA is passionate and internationally renowned for its expertise in the field of drinking water optimisation.
  • German design with rigorous performance and quality testing.
  • After care service from UK team with 30 day money back guarantee. Register product for replacement parts service.

Why is water so important?
Hydration is vital to daily living. Every cell in your body needs water to function properly. It helps replenish skin tissues and moisturises the skin. Water flushes out toxins from your organs and intrinsic to any well-balanced diet. Your brain is approximately 90% water? so drinking water makes you more alert and increases your ability to concentrate.

Most health professionals agree that the average human requires 2 litres of water (8 glasses) a day? which is easier when you enjoy the taste.

Why filter your water?
Whilst tap water in the UK is safe to drink it can contain high levels of chlorine which can have a very strong smell and taste. Heavy metals such as lead and copper can also be found in tap water due to both domestic plumbing and supply pipelines. Limescale also affects many people living in the UK.

BRITA filtration reduces limescale? chlorine and metals in your water allowing the natural flavours and aromas in tea and coffee to fully develop. Tea gleams clearly and is free from streaks? food flavours can fully unfold and small domestic appliances are protected against limescale build-up.

What can I use BRITA filtered water for?

Less limescale? more flavour
Tea? coffee? hot chocolate and hot beverages can be made of up to 98% water. So why not improve your cuppa by using BRITA filtered water and reducing the limescale? chlorine and impurities which leaves the oily appearance on top of your hot drinks and stop the full flavour from fully developing.

See and taste the difference with your own tea test. One cup of tea made with unfiltered tap water and then one made with freshly BRITA filtered tap water but be sure to use a kettle which is free of limescale? otherwise your boiled filtered water will end up with bits of scale and will impair the taste and aroma of your tea.

For cooking and healthy food
Stocks and soups? rice? lentils? pulses? vegetables and fruit all heavily rely on water either as their base or in their preparation. By using BRITA filtered water you're allowing the flavour of your ingredients to really come through and ensure that you get the best results in your cooking.

Enjoy the clear? fresh taste
Use it in your cold drinks for refreshing cordials or try something different and use filtered water in iced tea and coffee. You could make fruit filled ice cubes or refreshing ice lollies? delicious sorbets or fruit salad desserts.

Prevents limescale build up
You can use filtered water in your small domestic appliances. With the reduction of limescale? this could help prolong the lifetime of your kettle? coffee machine? steamer? rice cooker? steam mop or iron.

MAXTRA Water Filter Cartridge

How do the water filters work?
Ion exchange resin reduces the heavy metals in your tap water? including lead and copper. It also reduces the carbonate hardness that causes limescale build-up in kettles and affects the taste and aroma of tea and coffee and the flavour of your food. Granulated activated carbon significantly reduces substances that affect the taste and odour of your tap water. They include chlorine? certain pesticides and organic impurities.

MAXTRA Filter Cartridge
The MAXTRA filter cartridge fits all jug systems and BRITA partner products such as kettles and hot beverage machines. Each filter cartridge last approximately one month? filtering up to 100 litres of water. Preparation is quick and easy? with no pre-soaking required and conveniently exchange using the ring pull handle. Each filter cartridge is 100% recyclable.

Box Contains
4 x BRITA MAXTRA Cartridges

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